Mangled Circuitry

One time Alexis called Luke’s mind a “mangled circuitry” and I’ve been calling mine that ever since.

State of the Union

I have purported to be interested in politics and the nation and all, but tonight I went to see “The Squid and the Whale” instead of watching the State of the Union address. Of course, being I am inherently a predictable animal, I came right home and drank Tang and watched a rerun of the […]

21 Grams

Tonight I watched a movie about three of the most miserable people on Earth. It’s called “21 Grams,” and it gets it title from the notion that a person loses 21 grams of body weight at the moment of death. Dreary, isn’t it? That idea is probably the most uplifting aspect of the film. I […]

Drive Me

Tonight we were talking, in my “Diversity of Women in the U.S.” class, about what drives women and how we can learn a lot about a woman if we know what drives her. I agreed readily and then I started to think about what can be gleaned about me this way. Suddenly, I realized that […]

John Spencer

(1946 – 2005) I am shocked. I really don’t know what to think about it. It’s a little like when John Ritter died. I kept thinking, “But I just saw him on Sunday and everything was fine.”