Stuffed nostalgia

I heard about this Ted movie from friends before I ever saw a preview or a trailer for it so I was somewhat prepared for the creepy factor. What I wasn’t prepared for was the nostalgia factor. You see, I, too, have a beloved stuffed animal from my childhood. You thought it was going to […]

Culture goes *pop*

I spent the weekend with people who are voracious consumers of pop culture. This is the new M.I.A. album. Have you heard it? I was so upset when The Sarah Silverman Program got canceled. I know! My favorite episode is the one where she drives around in her car while she’s drinking NyQuil from the […]

Rachel Getting My Attention

On Saturday night, Andy and I went to see a very good movie called Rachel Getting Married. Before I proceed, let me beg you to stay. Please don’t avoid this post if you haven’t seen (but wish to see) this film. Rachel Getting Married isn’t the sort of movie that can be “ruined” by spoilers. […]