But, first, a caveat: This post is about The Dark Knight. It doesn’t contain any information that could directly be defined as spoilerage, but if you haven’t seen the film and are avoiding those who have, you should probably skip this post. Last night I watched Batman Begins for the first time because I wanted […]

TV at the movies

I was surprised by how much I wanted to see the Sex and the City movie. I wasn’t a particularly ardent fan of the series. I didn’t watch it at all until it showed up on regular cable and then I watched it only out of curiosity. Sure, I laughed more often than I cringed—though […]

Up Close & Personal

Madeline and I watched Up Close & Personal this morning, and I taught her all about Robert Redford. (We have the same birthday.) We watched the whole movie, which I don’t usually do. I usually watch it up until the part where Tally gets caught in the prison riot. I know how it ends. I […]

I want to marry Tina Fey

Those of you who know my husband understand that if one is going to participate in the tired heterosexual ritual of marriage, he is the best kind of person to do it with. Those who don’t know Andy, let me explain. He cooks. He does the dishes. He likes to shop. He is kind and […]

Dear people who make movies,

Please do not list Jennifer Beals at the top of the opening credits if she is not really going to be in your stupid movie. I am talking to you, Alexandre Rockwell, regarding your weird 13 Moons film in which I spent 93 minutes with my brow furrowed in confusion only to be rewarded with […]