Movie marathon

Here is a list of the movies I watched this weekend. The Darjeeling Limited The Parent Trap The Jane Austen Book Club Contact The Adventures of Pluto Nash Aimee and Jaguar Same Time, Next Year I am not usually a movie person; generally, I like my TV. But this weekend, my butt seemed permanently attached […]

All Over What?!?

I have just watched All Over Me, and I have some questions. 1. Why do I have to wait 20 minutes to see Leisha Hailey? 2. Why is Claude friends with Ellen in the first place? 3. Why is it rated R? 4. Does Leisha Hailey make everything better? I’m pretty sure if she worked […]

Loving depressing lesbian movies

We watched Loving Annabelle a couple nights ago. I get these things into my head, you know, and I just have to watch them. It happened last summer with The Incredibly True Adventure of Two Girls in Love, another impossible-to-rent movie which I ended up just purchasing because I had not yet fallen under the […]