In which I increase my music cred by 0.00002%

Here in the waning days of 2008, I have been occupying my time by reading those “best of” lists that the end of the year always brings. I was especially interested in the music ones because hey, I actually have six albums that came out in 2008. This is not normal for me. I don’t […]

Tori Amos and Surrealism

The Surrealism class that I am taking this semester blows my mind on a daily basis. For instance, I have read two novels—Nadja by Andre Breton and Aura by Carlos Fuentes—that left me a mumbling, stammering lump of writer guts. My reactions have mostly been inarticulate and visceral, but the more I learn about surrealistic […]

Didn’t It Feel Philosophical

I may be overwhelmed. I woke up this morning with all ten tracks of Didn’t It Feel Kinder stuck in my head. I always wake up with a song in my head, but usually it is just one. Today, it was ten playing at the same time. It reminded me of that episode of BtVS […]

Didn’t It Feel Special

My copy of Didn’t It Feel Kinder came in the mail today. The album doesn’t come out officially until tomorrow so, yeah, I feel pretty special. I have listened to the album all the way through twice now, and I’ve listened to “Cold Shoulder” and “Stand and Deliver” a few extra times. Before I got […]