outside the cave


Last week, something so terrifying happened that it hasn’t taken me a week and a half to be able to write about it. It was Wednesday evening. We went to Dairy Queen with Andy’s family. A Little League team was celebrating its season at this same DQ location, and there were dozens of seven-year-old boys […]

Mad Men Club

I have recently become infatuated with Dorothy Parker. It started with this interview with her in the Paris Review and the next thing I knew, I had ordered a biography of her called What Fresh Hell Is This? and a collection of her work from Amazon in the middle of the night. I’m about halfway […]

Indigo Girls in Carmel, IN

As soon as I found out that the Indigo Girls were going to be in Carmel, Indiana—less than two short hours from my West Central Fort Wayne home—I knew July was going to be different.  I suppose I’ve mentioned that so far, 2011 hasn’t been our year.  July has indeed been better.  We did indeed […]