outside the cave

A Colloquial Sunburn at the Universal Lake

Sunburns are full of mixed messages. I mean, on the one hand, a sunburn is painful, unattractive (especially if it’s at that peeling stage), and unhealthy. It indicates that its bearer is careless in the skin care arena. On the other hand, a sunburn is indicative of that quintessential all-American summer. A sunburn tells the […]

Elmhurst, IL: Spring Break Capital of the World

Here’s my question: why doesn’t everyone go to Elmhurst for Spring Break? Maybe it’s because it’s 45° if we’re lucky and today it spit rain on us everywhere we went. Maybe it’s because not everyone has a free place to stay in Elmhurst. Maybe it’s because not everyone lives within three hours driving distance. Maybe […]

Namaste or namago

I went to a free yoga day on Saturday. While the hippiness of yoga has always appealed to me, the exercise aspect has not. I am not a person who moves when she doesn’t have to. Sachen and I have that in common. I know a lot of yoga people (and I think Alice on […]