outside the cave

Am I really cool enough to be Canadian?

On the way home today, I stopped in Plymouth to get some food. I walked into McDonald’s wearing wrinkled khaki pants, a gray, hooded skater sweatshirt (that may or may not have smelled vaguely of cigarettes and tequila), and my purple-and-green Adidas sneakers. My hair was unwashed and my eyes were bleary from lack of […]

Rock rock rock rock

Took some remarkably non-sucky photos at the Amy Ray show in Chicago tonight. More on the awesomeness later. Click on each one to experience the full greatness of my photography skillz. This last one is kind of dark, but it’s the only one with her mandolin.  For the encore, she came out alone and played […]

2008: The Year of the Indigo

While three times may seem insignificant to certain people who can claim six times, three times seeing the Indigo Girls in one year feels awesome to me. What further heightens the awesome factor is that I was at the first stop on this tour (Richmond—surely you remember Richmond?) and the last stop (Joliet last night). […]

To the bartenders at the Kalamazoo State Theatre

Your Captain-and-Cokes on Saturday night changed my life. When I saw that you were working with Pepsi instead of Coke, I almost ordered something else. I am so glad I took a chance on you. I have never tasted something quite so lovely. Also, the cups were larger than I expected and definitely larger than […]