outside the cave

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Here is the last batch of photos from our vacation (remember that?). For awhile, the cord that connects the camera to the computer was MIA, but it has been recovered. Some of these are candid shots and some are staged silliness. I refuse to explain any of them.

Get Out the Map, Day 4

Bethany and I are both basically sick now, but that didn’t stop us from descending upon Washington, D.C. today. We did the typical D.C. stuff, and although I do have some photos, they are pretty standard and unremarkable. The White House, the Washington Phallus Monument, and the Lincoln Memorial looked exactly like they do in […]

Get Out the Map, Day 3

Today we went to this charming burg in West Virginia called Shepherdstown, and on the way we passed through Harpers Ferry. (Yes, it really looks like the photo on its Wikipedia page.) Here is a photo essay of the day. Bethany gets photo credit for every single one because I have acquired a cold, and […]