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Picture Us in New York: Greenwich Village

Here is the jazz quartet that was playing in Washington Square Park. I know you can only see the trumpet player and the keyboard player, but trust me, there were four people. The drum set player was a woman! I wish I had a picture of that, but I don’t. Also, that guy is playing […]

My Fluid Tour of NYC

Here is Washington Square Park, where Hillary and Ava walk on Valentine’s Day and talk about Lexi and Ava’s relationship history. Here is NYU, where Hillary and Ava met. Here is the dealership where Hillary buys her car.

Picture Us in New York: Central Park

 Here is the park. Well, not the whole thing. It’s really big. Here I am in Central Park, in the Strawberry Fields part, which you could’ve guessed, probably. Here I am kneeling and praying to the Imagine memorial. And, in keeping with the John Lennon theme, here is the Dakota. And here is the Dakota […]

Picture Us in New York: Part 1

Here’s our hotel. I kind of forgot to take a picture during the day. Here is the view from our hotel room. Hey, it’s a Jodie Foster poster! Here is the mirror in the hall outside our hotel room. It appears that my dad works at the Sohotel. Here’s Little Italy. Here’s Andy on his […]

Some folks like to get away…

Let me get one thing straight (as if I could get anything straight). I like small cars—small planes, not so much. Our flight from Fort Wayne to Cleveland was an 18-passenger propeller plane. It was…cozy. It’s a good thing we like each other because our hotel room was also cozy. Andy brought five pairs of […]