presidental nominations

People I like and why I like them

Alex Hedison for President

It has been awhile since I used this blog as a platform for expounding on the wonderfulness of Alex Hedison, and what better time to reconfirm my love than on her birthday? I knew who Alex was long before I ran across her on The Word, because she used to date Ellen DeGeneres. All I […]

Tina for President

This is why I could not be a professional blogger. I have been meaning to write this post for weeks. Haven’t y’all noticed that I still haven’t given my final opinion of season 5 of The L Word? The truth is that while I have been busy (reading and grading and writing and going to […]

Kim Raver for President

It’s important that you understand that this started during the writer’s strike. There wasn’t much competition for my DVR spots. I watched Lipstick Jungle because I had of course heard that it was just like Cashmere Mafia and I wanted to see for myself. (Don’t look so surprised that I like trashy TV shows.) Plus, […]

D.J. White for President

How much am I going to miss this guy? It’s always special for the fans when a player sticks around long enough for us to watch him become what we always knew he was going to be. That has happened tenfold this season with D.J. His contribution to the team isn’t just numbers, although the […]