Is the crankiness or the cuteness? Either way, he’s got me under his spell.

Prince of Darkness

I think the annual checkup at the vet is more traumatic for me than it is for Sachen. For one thing, he has no idea that it is approaching so he just waddles along in that wide, awkward, totally ungraceful way of his and sleeps and eats and poops in utter contentment (well, as content […]

Sachen on the couch

At the risk of falling even further into eccentricity, I have been psychoanalyzing my cat. I think he may have some kind of multiple personality disorder. The trigger appears to be environmental, or rather, it is related to Sachen’s interpretation of his environment. When he is away from what he considers his home, he is […]

Happy Flag Day

Is this the longest week in the history of measuring time or what? It’s only Thursday and I already feel like I’ve trudged through a lifetime. Plus, it’s hot. It was hot already this morning when I left for work at 9:00. It must be a million degrees by now, which makes it a zillion […]