Scenes from The Cave of Dullness

Proof that I married into the right family

Last night, at dinner… Mother-in-law (introducing the baked potato bar she has prepared): We have shredded cheese here, and some salami bits. There is onion in the sour cream, and there is some fresh mozz— Andy: Wait. There’s onion in the sour cream? MiL: Yes. And fresh mozzarella. Andy (rising out of his chair slightly): […]

Sneaky bastard

I have pneumonia. If you knew me back in the winter of 2001-02, you’ll have already added “again” to the above statement. It has been ten years, but it feels like a pattern or a relapse or something. My doctor assures me that getting pneumonia twice in ten years doesn’t constitute a “pneumonia issue,” but […]

The orange couch

If you’ve ever been to my house, you’ve surely noticed the long orange couch we have in the living room.  Andy bought it in 2004 for $100, and we’ve both been in love with it ever since.  It is the clean-lined 1960s style that we like, and for tall people like Andy, it is rare […]

The Futon Room

February was not my month.  First, I got the kind of flu that makes me question everything about my life.  The voices in my head go something like this: How did I get to this place where I can have a fever and fall asleep not just in the middle of the day but in […]