Scenes from The Cave of Dullness

Two iPhone family

Andy got me an iPhone for Christmas. I got him an electric razor. That is what marriage is all about. The iPhone is more magical than I even imagined. It knows what I want before I do, the way an ideal lover does. Now that I think of it, it appears that Andy got me […]

Officially mine

When Sachen came to live with me, five years ago today, I fell for him right away. However, I continued to use Scott’s last name. When I yelled at him, it was always prefaced with “Sachen T. Lawson.” I gave him a middle name because he didn’t have one, but I let him keep his […]

Look at how cute these suckers are!

Another thing that got shoved to the blog back burner is our four-year wedding anniversary. I don’t know that I had much to say on the subject, given my previously-explained wish to keep the blog about lesbians and books and music and movies and TV shows. Our wedding anniversary has nothing to do with any […]