Scenes from The Cave of Dullness

Panic at the Cave of Dullness

I was living back at my parents’ house and it was crowded. Imagine all the stuff that is currently in my house crammed into my childhood bedroom—the couches, the chairs, the dining room table, the futon, etc. This was not one of those dreams where I know it’s a dream and just can’t get out. […]

In praise of the magical comforter

When we first got married (way back in ’05), Andy and I spent some of our wedding haul (is there a more polite way to word that?) on a Calvin Klein* comforter. I had been coveting this comforter for years. When I worked at Marshall Field’s, the bed-and-bath department was right at the entrance to […]

Couched in regret

Our first place in the West Central neighborhood was weird. It wasn’t so much too small as it was oddly proportioned. There were two living rooms. Well, one was supposed to be a dining room, but it was far too big a space to waste on a dining room. We just had a little kitchen […]