Scenes from The Cave of Dullness

Dissecting Annabelle

I watched Loving Annabelle twice last Monday and I am thinking about watching it again right now. Save your sympathy for my sad, sad life. I wanted to watch it twice. I planned out my day so that I would have time to watch it twice. And keep in mind that the film is 77 […]

On reading Barbara Kingsolver (and, apparently, Joan Didion, as usual)

I am having trouble figuring out how and why Barbara Kingsolver ever wrote another word after The Poisonwood Bible. This is such an epic, important, career-defining novel that she would have been totally justified in resting on her laurels. The Poisonwood Bible took me awhile to get through because I am easily distracted and also […]

Sachen at the Bat

This story is well-suited for Dave’s blog, since it features Sachen’s complete and utter FAIL last night. We got a new pretty entertainment center at IKEA because the one we had been using wasn’t fabulous enough for the Cave of Fabulous Dullness and it also isn’t exactly ours. It belongs to Andy’s sister who has […]

Let tackiness ring

This particular holiday brings out one of my better-hidden embarrassing qualities: I like tacky American flag stuff. I know it’s hard to believe because I come across as both a classy individual and a person not possessed of the Middle American blind patriotism that usually breeds such taste in knick-knacks and wardrobe. Let this be […]