sloppy nostalgia

Growin’ up is hard to do

I’m thirty-one years old and I don’t think I’ve outgrown my Barbies. I’m pretty sure if I had them here at my house, I’d set up a house for Sabrina under the desk in my office. I’d park her aqua-colored ’57 Chevy next to it. She’d leave her clothes all over the floor and her […]

I’m 50!

I was unprepared for the fervor surrounding General Hospital‘s 50th anniversary this week. Well, that’s a lie. What I mean is that I was unprepared for the show’s enthusiasm to match my own. I didn’t expect a 20/20 special. I didn’t expect the return of the Nurses’ Ball. I didn’t expect Lucy Coe. And even […]

Text “vote” to 3403

I find myself faced with twin sources of nostalgia. We moved a couple weeks ago, and moving always brings up a lot of nostalgia. I had plastic bins full of my past just taking up space in the basement. These artifacts from high school evoked the requisite memories, and I was suddenly face-to-face with that […]

Bikes and Dads

Sunday was Father’s Day. We took my dad to see Men in Black 3. Judging by how he hooted with laughter and chatted with the characters throughout the film, I think he enjoyed it. Then, yesterday, my friend wrote a blog post about her bike, and suddenly, it was really Father’s Day for me. My […]

More Feelings

There is a scene in the second episode of the first season of The L Word in which Shane confronts her stalker, Lacey, and in an attempt to convey her empathy, she says to Lacey, “You have a lot of feelings.” For a long time, I have daydreamed about having a podcast about General Hospital. […]