sloppy nostalgia

And then there were four

It has been a few weeks since the end of One Life to Live, and my feelings are still too disjointed to write a proper send-off.  I’ll try anyway, though, because I want to say goodbye here on this blog, and if I don’t do it now, I’ll do it so long after the fact […]

52 Shows, 52 Weeks: #17 General Hospital

My heart is heavy, friends.  Last Thursday, ABC announced it is canceling All My Children and One Life to Live, leaving my beloved General Hospital the only remaining ABC soap opera. Of course it’s mostly about money.  These lifestyle shows that are replacing AMC and OLTL are much cheaper to produce than the soaps, and […]

52 Shows, 52 Weeks: #8 Friends

“Editor’s” Note: Hey, Monday is an improvement over Wednesday, right? I guess I’m still not ready for controversy.  I mean, I know some people don’t like Friends, but it ended almost seven years ago so I feel less urgency to defend it these days. Friends is the first show I watched regularly, like appointment TV […]

52 Shows, 52 Weeks: #7 Family Ties

“Editor’s” Note: Delayed again. Trust that your fearless blogger at least has a really good excuse. I was originally intending to write about Glee for #7 since there were two new episodes last week, but that moment has already passed. Plus, life has been such that I needed to crawl inside something comfortable and non-controversial. […]