Soap Bubbles

Confessions of a feminist soap fan

Bianca and Reese

If you’ve known me for any length of time, you know that lesbians and soaps are two of my favorite things, so you can imagine how I feel about Bianca Montgomery on All My Children. AMC‘s decision to make Erica Kane’s daughter gay was groundbreaking. When Bianca came out, I was shocked in the best […]


This week I have encountered not one but two unexpected mergings of two of my favorite things. The first one is a pretty major, almost life-changing internet event. The second one was really just a fleeting moment, but it made my day just the same. Favorite things: TV and Amy Ray This brings me Amy […]

Alexis and Diane: “Equal Partners in a Mystery”

Surely you’ve noticed the sexual tension between Alexis and Diane on GH lately? The passion when they fight, all the time they’re spending together, the frankly lesbianish dialogue—this can’t all be accidental. Bethany and I have discussed the issue at length, and we’ve concluded that the writers simply must know what they’re doing. It’s 2008, […]

“Could Kate be the one?”

Oh, yes, Alexis, I believe she very much could be the one. Oh, you mean for Sonny? Well, that, too, I suppose… Let’s review. He asked her to marry him and she did not say yes. Whhhaaattt? My mother was shocked. She could not understand why Kate didn’t jump up and down and exclaim that […]

I ain’t missing her

It is Thursday and Kate hasn’t been on since Monday, when she ran away instead of agreeing to marry Sonny. Where is she? What is she doing? What is she thinking? Is she thinking about me? This absence has given me an opportunity to notice some things about the other people on this show. For […]