The L Word

There are lesbians on TV! Who knew?

52 Shows, 52 Weeks: #13 The L Word

It’s time to get past this hurdle.  I’ve written about The L Word here more than any other TV show, perhaps more than any other topic.  Is there still more to say about this show?  When I began this project, I doubted that I had more to add to the conversation about The L Word […]

“I was born when I met you/ Now I’m dying to forget you”

I’ve been thinking about The L Word lately, for no particular reason, except that I’m concerned that it was the major driving force behind my motivation to blog, given that my blogging has noticeably waned since its expiration. (Get it expiration—because Jenny expired.) And then the other day I was listening to that Brandi Carlile […]

Did I miss something?

Perhaps I should have apologized yesterday in advance for the deluge of L Word-themed posts that this week (aka Spring Break) will surely yield. This one contains what is passing for spoilers these days. I am usually a frighteningly attentive viewer of The L Word, but Sunday’s series finale furrowed my brow until I considered […]

A meditation on The L Word without S6 spoilers

So The L Word is over. When I heard that the series was ending, I envisioned blog post after blog post of me not being able to let go. I’m sure you all had similar visions. I have not conducted myself on this blog as someone who would be able to let go of The […]