The L Word

There are lesbians on TV! Who knew?

Have soapbox, will travel

Please indulge me, friends. Can we have a brief word about Bette Porter? In a season where Ilene Chaiken seems determined to test not just the limits of our patience but of our eyes, I could not be more enamored with Bette Porter. First, there was the episode with all the laughing. It was as […]

More Alex, less violence, please

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but my fake girlfriend Alex Hedison was back on The L Word on Sunday night. Her presence alone put the episode miles ahead of the season premiere, but I am of course apprehensive in heaping praise just yet. One episode is not enough. We need more closure. We need […]

Does L stand for “lackluster”?

It has already been noted by the experts that Sunday’s L Word season premiere was rather lackluster. As usual, I want to offer my 25 cents (inflation, you know). In order to fully appreciate my perspective, you’ve got to understand what I expected this episode to be like so I developed a handy chart. I […]

A word before The Word

As the Season 6 premiere draws near, I feel compelled to talk about how much I love The L Word. My love has settled into a solid, level kind of love. I mean, the plastic is still on my Season 5 DVDs. It’s nice to be out of that erratic, fervent phase where I needn’t […]

Tina for President

This is why I could not be a professional blogger. I have been meaning to write this post for weeks. Haven’t y’all noticed that I still haven’t given my final opinion of season 5 of The L Word? The truth is that while I have been busy (reading and grading and writing and going to […]