The L Word

There are lesbians on TV! Who knew?

The Marks of Season 5

While I continue to ponder and process what I suspect was kind of a disappointing season, here are the things I am taking away from Season 5 of The L Word: – For whatever reason, I started referring to the show just as The Word this season. I think it gives it a decidedly religious […]

Ode to the Suspension of Disbelief

Oh, are you people still here? I usually try to be quippy when I dismiss you, but tonight I am anxious to get to the good stuff so go play in the other room while I talk about season 5 of The L Word. Again. I decided this screencap of Kate Howard’s pouty face is […]

The Quotable L Word

As Andy and I approach the end of the Friends-a-thon I blogged about last month, I find myself wondering if any of my lines are original. (Both my sister and I have a tendency to say “That’s disturbing” a lot, but I’m not sure that counts.) Anyway, a lot of the things I say have […]