This week I have encountered not one but two unexpected mergings of two of my favorite things. The first one is a pretty major, almost life-changing internet event. The second one was really just a fleeting moment, but it made my day just the same.

  • Favorite things: TV and Amy Ray This brings me Amy Ray TV. Holy cow! What an idea! Over at Kyte TV, there is an Amy Ray TV channel. There are videos of her talking to us, live performances, and even a chat with Emily. How did I go for twenty-two days not knowing this existed? No matter. I know about it now and I have watched every episode thirty times a healthy once each.
  • Favorite things: Billy Joel and GH Today Johnny sat down at the piano and started playing something that sounded familiar. I hummed along, assuming it was some classical piece I had heard but didn’t know the name of. When the song was over, Johnny stood up and said, “That was a piece by Billy Joel. It’s called ‘Nocturne.'” Yeah it was! What is especially interesting about this random Billy Joel moment on GH is that “Nocturne” is from Cold Spring Harbor, Billy Joel’s obscure first album. I was under the impression that I was the only person who had heard of this album, let alone actually listened to it. To imagine someone obtaining the sheet music in order to learn one of the songs seems so unlikely. What I’m trying to say is that I was extremely surprised. “Nocturne” is a good song, though. Good choice, Johnny.