December in the rear view mirror

I had big blogging plans for this month, but you can see that I didn’t get to implementing them. Well, maybe the plans weren’t exactly “big,” but there was more than just the 10 Most Fascinating People of 2008 plan. Because I have blog guilt, here is a list of the posts I would have written if I had found that special blend of time and motivation:

Dec. 15 This was my blogiversary. I have been at this for three years now.

Dec. 17 Got an A in Surrealism. That might be one of the most important classes I ever took. I was not expecting that.

Dec. 18 First official day of Winter Break. I was going to write a love letter to Winter Break.

Dec. 19 Happy birthday, Jennifer Beals. Thanks for being awesome.

Dec. 25 Hey, did you ever notice that Matilda and Loving Annabelle are practically the same movie, except that the latter has more sex?

I am starting to see how Twitter could be in competition with my blog.