Did I miss something?

Perhaps I should have apologized yesterday in advance for the deluge of L Word-themed posts that this week (aka Spring Break) will surely yield. This one contains what is passing for spoilers these days.

I am usually a frighteningly attentive viewer of The L Word, but Sunday’s series finale furrowed my brow until I considered trying to get some botox on Ilene Chaiken’s dime. I felt like I had dropped in on the show after missing a couple weeks.

Did I miss the part where Bette and Tina told their friends that they’re moving to New York? And did I also miss the part where they told them the birthmother bailed on them?

Did I miss the part where Kit started dating Sunset Boulevard? Did I miss the part where he hangs out with Bette and the gang and takes Angie to the zoo? Was it just me or did it feel like we joined that relationship about two or three months into it? I thought the episode prior to the finale left him needing to do some more wooing.

Did I miss the part where Max’s pregnancy gets any kind of resolution? Is he going to keep the baby? Is Tom really such an asshole? Will Max have to go to jail for stealing that mustache from a porn star?

Did I miss the beginning of Helena and Dylan’s conversation in this episode? Apparently, Dylan has been kicked out of her sublet (which, by the way, happens a lot on TV and makes me never want to sublet) and Helena thinks Dylan expects to move in with her and while Dylan doesn’t want to move in with Helena, it would have been nice if Helena had offered. The whole scene was like a TV version of a run-on sentence. Furthermore, did I miss the part where it makes sense to bring Dylan back just to break up Helena and Dylan again?

Did I miss the part where Jenny likes someone other than herself enough to make a tribute video?

And, finally, did I fall asleep in the middle of the episode and miss the part where Jenny actually dies?

Oh well. I guess the important thing is that I didn’t miss the RAILING! and the giant “written and directed by Ilene Chaiken” stamp at the end.