Elmhurst, IL: Spring Break Capital of the World

Here’s my question: why doesn’t everyone go to Elmhurst for Spring Break? Maybe it’s because it’s 45° if we’re lucky and today it spit rain on us everywhere we went. Maybe it’s because not everyone has a free place to stay in Elmhurst. Maybe it’s because not everyone lives within three hours driving distance. Maybe not everyone makes Spring Break plans based on crappy weather, cheapness, and proximity so as to make Spring Break less a reenactment of Girls Gone Wild and more a low-key long weekend of avoiding the sun, shopping but not buying anything, sleeping on the floor, and writing blog posts while watching the Oscars (it’s so meta!). You can’t do that stuff at home, you know.

We’re leaving Tuesday so I’ll actually be at home grading papers and watching the Big Ten tournament for most of Spring Break. I just wanted to say that it’s nice to get out of town sometimes. Last year was sort of an off year for the crew at the Cave of Dullness, and since last year’s Spring Break, Sachen and I have only had hospital-sponsored vacations. While we’re still paying for those, we’re not really comfortable counting them as real vacations. You may be shocked to learn that Sachen didn’t make the trip to Elmhurst with us; he was actually content to stay with my parents, where he will continue to be spoiled in the manner to which he is accustomed.

I almost hesitate to publish this post about Elmhurst being the perfect Spring Break destination because I want to keep it as my secret spot, but this is the last year I’ll be spending Spring Break here anyway. No, I’m not getting out of the college-teaching racket. Spring Break will likely always be part of my life, but my free place to stay in Elmhurst won’t be here anymore. That brings me to the real purpose of this post. Internet, I’m looking for a new place to vacation, and by “vacation,” I of course mean that I want to spend no more than four hours on the road (each way) to get to a place where I need hardly any money and get to hang with super-cool and super-smart people but there isn’t much to do because I like to do nothing—if you need proof, just read this post.