Figure It Out Friday: Food

In honor of Junk Food Alley at the Three Rivers Festival, here are my 10 favorite foods, not ranked because the list is fluid, you know? I’m not always in the mood for cottage cheese, but on the other hand, I am always in the mood for Coney Island hot dogs so I guess we know what #1 would be, if this were a ranked list.

WARNING: This list is kind of gross and it may cause the reader to feel gross feelings toward the writer, which is tragic because the writer is not gross, she just has gross taste in food.

Coney Island hot dogs (in Fort Wayne, since I have tragically never been to the real Coney Island)

mozzarella fingers at Junk Food Alley

green bean casserole

cottage cheese

cheeseburgers at Henry’s

Dagwood’s Supreme with the special sauce (This is an item that can tragically be found only in Bloomington, IN.)

cream cheese


pasta salad at Mad Anthony’s

guacamole Pringles