Figure It Out Friday: Two Years is 730 days

Monday is my 2-year wedding anniversary so in honor of the fact that Andy is still hanging in there, here are the top 10 best things about being married to Andy.

10. He claims to hate the soaps, but I’ve seen him grinning at Spinelli. And for someone who doesn’t like country music, he sure does talk about Brad Paisley a lot. It’s nice to live with someone who doesn’t make fun of your more embarrassing habits.

9. We, separately, cracked the same (lame)  joke to my sister at Blockbuster last Saturday. Not the first time, won’t be the last.

8. He makes me feel like my obsession with office supplies is manageable because his is so out-of-control. Did you know that he is a professional pencil reviewer now?

7. After the sound I made when I saw this on my TV screen, he’s still here.

6. He doesn’t grumble out-right yell at me about the $400 Calvin Klein comforter that I HAD to have but can’t use because it is so warm that we can only put it on the bed about 3.5 nights a year, when the temperature gets below -50. 

5. He doesn’t like whipped cream which means I get my whipped cream plus his when we have shakes at Steak n Shake.

4. We have developed our own linguistic style, which involves inane questions like “Who’s got ears?” and “Who pooped?” and also requires pluralizing every possible word in a sentence as in “Is loves yous” and “Sachens wants somes foods.” Uh huh, we’re that cool. Can you handle it?

3. We do this bit about how things will be when we’re old. Our names are Lorna and Virgil. I don’t know why we have different names when we’re old. We also don’t have teeth, which is silly in this day and age of dentures and other false teeth options. Trust me, though, the bit is hilarious.

2. We both wore flip-flops to move bookcases made up of cinder blocks and boards from Lisa’s house to the van and then from the van to my parents’ garage (where they are now resting while we decide what exactly to do with them). Flip-flops to move cinder blocks? Not the best idea we ever had, but having someone to dress inappropriately with is highly undervalued in our culture.

1. He is as enamored with Sachen as I am. This is very important because otherwise, I would just look like a freak. Instead, it’s just like “Oh, Katie and Andy really love their cat.” Since it’s both of us, it’s sweet.