Get Out the Map, Day 4

Bethany and I are both basically sick now, but that didn’t stop us from descending upon Washington, D.C. today. We did the typical D.C. stuff, and although I do have some photos, they are pretty standard and unremarkable. The White House, the Washington Phallus Monument, and the Lincoln Memorial looked exactly like they do in the movies.

I wish I had pictures of the stuff at the National Gallery of Art. We could have spent all week there. There was a Richard Misrach exhibit of beach scenes. I got this off the internet. Click on it. Pretty, huh?


But this is really something you have to see in person. First of all, each piece is gigantic. Then the water looks like water—not like a photograph of water but like actual water. There are more here, but, like I said, the internet doesn’t do them justice.

I often feel like I don’t give visual art enough credit. I don’t look at it long enough to consider it. I want to be the kind of person who thinks about art, but sometimes I just wander through art museums without letting the stuff make an impression on me. I wanted to do it slowly today, but I didn’t really have the time or the patience. I am writing about Misrach because I want to remember his name and I want to remember that his work impressed me.