How LOGO changed my mind about Toby Keith

Because women’s studies made me hyper-aware of the choices advertisers make, I’ve been paying close attention to who advertises on LOGO. There has been a significant amount of commercials designed to raise awareness about the upcoming election. One such ad—brought to me by ONE, an international organization that combats global poverty—featured a line of people standing in line to vote. There were mostly regular-looking people and suddenly, there was George Clooney. Then some more regular people and then Matt Damon. Then Julia Roberts and then Toby Keith. I like “You Ain’t Much Fun Since I Quit Drinkin’,” but I am not a Toby Keith fan. I don’t appreciate or agree with his idea of what it means to be American. I was, therefore, surprised to see him on LOGO. The commerical wasn’t overtly LGBT-related, but it was on LOGO (along with all these ads for male-enhancement pills I keep seeing). And ONE could even be considered a liberal organization. I mean, no one ever confuses George Clooney for a Republican. This incident has complicated my notion of Toby Keith, but it’s okay. I like it when things get messy.