“I never felt so glad to be/ so well spent/ so beyond repair”

The situation around the Cave of Dullness is as you suspected.

First, we only have air-conditioning in the bedroom so the rest of the apartment is a sweaty, gross sauna. Seriously, we are thinking of getting the living room declared a protected rain forest.

Second, moving our things out of said sauna and into the bliss of central air is a slow process because you can only move so quickly when your skin is simultaneously sticky with sweat and slimy from the humidity.

Third, I cannot stop thinking about Amy Ray. I wake up every morning and instantly think, “OhmygodItalkedtoAmyRay.” Just like that, with no spaces. I am still processing the experience and I have read about 100 (hyperbole!) articles about her new solo album so I imagine that I am not finished writing blog posts about Amy Ray.

So basically I am the best kind of tired. I have the memory of Amy Ray (live! in person!) to get me through the sweaty days, and I know that tomorrow night, I’ll be going to bed in the Cave of Fabulous Dullness.