I would write this down, you know?

I am taking a writing class that started last week. On my way out the door on Tuesday, I grabbed an old notebook. The class started on Monday, but I borrowed a notebook from Andy for that day because I am just that organized. Anyway, the notebook I’m using now was apparently previously used for a women’s studies class—one in which I read Assata. Just in case you haven’t read it (and you should), it is Assata Shakur‘s autobiography about living in Cuba after being arrested multiple times during her tenure with the Black Panthers. Her description of daily life in Cuba is not the description of the Cuban lifestyle the U.S. government would like us to know. It’s a fascinating book, and Shakur is pretty witty. I wrote down a quote. I don’t remember its context; I don’t even remember writing it in the notebook. Maybe I was trying to justify something about myself.

“Only the strong go crazy. The weak just go along.”