If being a groupie is wrong, I don’t want to be right

When I was telling my mom about the transformative experience of seeing Amy Ray live, she referred to me as a groupie. I proudly accepted that label, and I’d like to adopt it now for MSNBC as well.

We had some people over for dinner the Saturday before the election, and as we found ourselves inevitably talking about the election, I realized that every other word out of my mouth was “MSNBC” or “Rachel Maddow.” Seriously, that network should be paying me. I’ll shill for Rachel Maddow pro bono, but MSNBC can spare some coin for a tired graduate student making T.A. wages.

My love for MSNBC has evolved (or perhaps devolved) into infatuation. I realized this week that I would be more excited to meet Rachel Maddow than to meet Barack Obama. When I recall this election in the years to come, it will be Rachel Maddow’s face that I see in my head. She made the campaign not just palpable but interesting.

Now that the election is over, my love has not subsided. I still watch The Rachel Maddow Show every night, and I still find it to be one of the best things on television—rivaled only by 30 Rock. (On a side note, how delighted am I that Madeline will grow up in a world where Rachel Maddow and Tina Fey are on TV and Barack Obama is in the White House?)

Also, I am completely hooked on Rachel’s Twitter. I can’t describe the joy her Tweets bring me.

I’m not the only one who has noticed the awesomeness that is Rachel Maddow. Everytime I turn around, some other magazine is doing a feature on her. This New York Magazine article is my favorite so far. It is five pages, which means in-depth conversation that goes beyond the “she’s a Rhodes scholar” stuff we’ve already read a hundred times. Also, the reporter spoke to her partner Susan Mikula, who may just be the luckiest woman on Earth. If you aren’t going to be silly and not follow the link, here is a photo from the article:

It’s perfect, isn’t it? With the glasses and the smiling and the looking-down like she is reading? I have moments where I can’t believe she is real.