“I’m totally going to blog about this instead of writing my paper.”

I have this friend named Joe and he has a fancy mechanical engineering degree from Purdue. I have two not-so-fancy degrees from IPFW. Neither of us are too gung ho about getting jobs and becoming productive members of society, but we’re both really good at wearing flip-flops to work and sitting around talking and eating cookies and pretending to be working.

And we know things.

For instance, Joe knows what forks are made of, and I can name just about every actor on ABC daytime.

Clearly, we are meant to be internet phenomenons. I think we should have a video podcast. It can be called something like “Joe and Katie Talk about Stuff.”

Wait. You haven’t heard the best part.

Joe’s mom is a culinary genius. She should have her own show on the Food Network, but instead she owns The UPS Store where I do my aforementioned impression of working. She can provide the snacks for our show. The food will become the real star; it will totally steal our spotlight. It’ll be like Urkel on Family Matters. I mean, did you even know that show wasn’t supposed to be about him?

The internet can make anyone famous, and I don’t even want to be famous. I just want to make enough money to live. Dooce does it, and she has a kid so you know she can’t just be flying by the seat of her pants, as my grandmother would say. That site is just a really fancy blog. Of course, it’s better than my blog, and her photos are definitely better than my photos. Obviously, if I were an internet phenomenon, I would have to step it up.

I haven’t actually talked to Joe about this, since I just thought of it while I was watching Andy play Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (it’s not his PS2; he reminds me that he has a reputation to maintain) and not writing my paper. I just feel like Joe and I were made for this new internet world of unconventional jobs. Who doesn’t want to watch us eat and talk once a week? He’s cute and I say things like “word.”