It must be March…

…because I have the madness. I didn’t realize how high I was riding the wave of North Side’s sectional run until the wave crashed into Snider and we were all swept into the undertoe. I am disappointed for myself and for my sister and for those boys. Sitting so close to the court and looking at their faces really affected me.

Rewind to last Sunday, though, and the week in basketball looks pretty fabulous for me. On Sunday, I watched IU beat Michigan State and then I switched the channel to see IPFW beat North Dakota State. Then, on Tuesday, I was there when North Side sailed past Northrop, 101-68. On Wednesday, my Hoosiers got past Purdue during Purdue’s senior night. It was North Side on top again when they played Homestead on Friday, and I was in the stands, getting the most out of my $9 3-game ticket. Earlier today, IU ruined another senior day, this time at Michigan.

So in light of all the victory in my life this week, I guess North Side’s loss shouldn’t sting so much. But it does.

I know I have the madness because I went straight home from the game tonight to watch Duke play North Carolina because I am secretly fond of J.J. Redick. Well, I guess it’s hardly a secret now that I’ve put it on the Internet. J.J. himself could know now.

I can’t wait for the Big Ten tourney next week. Vicodin and basketball. Whose Spring Break will be better than mine?