Kim Raver for President

It’s important that you understand that this started during the writer’s strike. There wasn’t much competition for my DVR spots. I watched Lipstick Jungle because I had of course heard that it was just like Cashmere Mafia and I wanted to see for myself. (Don’t look so surprised that I like trashy TV shows.) Plus, I have always liked Brooke Shields and Lindsay Price was very cute on 90210. It turns out that Lipstick Jungle is indeed pretty much a copy of Cashmere Mafia. There are just three women instead of four, though, so that means Lindsay Price has to play both Lucy Liu’s and Bonnie Somerville’s characters. Also, the women have jobs that I personally find more interesting. I don’t personally find investment banking interesting, regardless of whether or not it is being done by women or by men.

You see, Lipstick Jungle is not a good show. It’s not particularly well-written or compelling. It doesn’t really give us a window into how career-driven, successful women manage their lives. I wouldn’t have watched the entire seven-episode season if I hadn’t fallen madly in love with Kim Raver.

Folks, it’s time to admit that I can’t stop thinking about Kim Raver.

I don’t know where she came from or really who she is. I assumed for awhile that it was just Kim’s character, Nico, who was compelling me. She wears suits and is overly serious in precisely that way that gets to me. I rented this movie called Martin & Orloff in which Kim plays the stripper girlfriend of the Orloff character. It is an odd movie that costars Amy Poehler as a fellow stripper. Anyway, it turns out that Kim Raver is just hot, and it has nothing to do with Lipstick Jungle.

Once again, I wish I could explain it. I have some photos, but I think you may need to see her in motion. Or perhaps her allure is all in my head. What do you think?

Here is one from when she was on 24.


Here is a casual shot, where you can really see the charm. Look at the way her smile is kind of lop-sided.


I have a thing for women who wear suits and fight against their natural sense of humor. That is not news. Kim and her Lipstick Jungle character aren’t offering me anything I don’t already have, and I wasn’t looking for more hot women to walk around inside my mind being awesome and interesting. Believe me, there are enough of them there as it is. For instance, I am right now watching an episode of The L Word that features one of the most prominent inhabitants of my head: Alex Hedison. With Alex in there, why do I need anyone else?

I’m not discounting Kim Raver’s hotness or trying to make her seem common. She is both legitimately hot and legitimately interesting. She has great eyes and when she smiles, she opens her mouth, which always strikes me as genuine and endearing. *sigh* Why are there so many hot women in the world?