Little Man

Logan turned two on Friday.  He lost his baby look, especially in his face, some time last summer, and he has been looking like a little boy for quite some time.

Madeline and Logan are a study in nature versus nurture.  They have the same parents and virtually the same upbringing since they are only fifteen months apart in age, but they couldn’t be more different.  Logan is so quiet and serious that I find myself just searching his mysterious little face wondering what he is thinking.  His default facial expression is one of those wise, all-knowing deals.  There is no question that he understands everything that goes on around him and everything that is said to him.  He just chooses his words carefully and doesn’t overuse them.  (His sister takes the opposite approach.)

This is not to say Logan isn’t a happy kid.  Serious needn’t equal unhappy.  Look at this face.  It has a contented lack of frivolity about it, doesn’t it?

I took that photo on his birthday.  I asked him to stop and pose for me and he promptly obliged.  Then, outside the restaurant, we all sang “Happy Birthday” to him while Andy held him and he smiled.  A Logan smile isn’t rare but all the seriousness makes it feel rare and precious.  Plus, it’s just darn cute.

Just like with Madeline, I am torn between wanting to freeze time so he can be this easy-to-hold size forever and dying to find out what future Logan will be like.  I’m honored he is letting me witness the process.