Look at how cute these suckers are!

Another thing that got shoved to the blog back burner is our four-year wedding anniversary. I don’t know that I had much to say on the subject, given my previously-explained wish to keep the blog about lesbians and books and music and movies and TV shows. Our wedding anniversary has nothing to do with any of that. This year, it really had nothing to do with anything.

The day (July 30) passed with barely any recognition. I was having a bad gallbladder attack and Andy had to work late, which meant that I was asleep already when he came home at 9:15. We’ll do better next year. I mean, how could we do worse?

The reason I am even bringing this up is because I want to post this picture I found on my computer a couple months ago. I don’t know when we took it or what exactly the purpose was. But how damn adorable are we?


Happy belated anniversary, Andy. Like I said, next year we’ll do better.