Making Love

I am watching a movie on LOGO called Making Love. Yes, this is in lieu of working on my portfolio, which was getting tedious. I was initially attracted to the movie because the Comcast guide description of it told me that it is about a married doctor who becomes involved in a homosexual affair. What the guide declined to mention it that the person this doctor has the affair with is Harry Hamlin. Now I am hooked. The wife of this married doctor is Kate Jackson. As I was reading the guide, I said aloud to Sachen, “If I were married to Kate Jackson, I think I’d have a homosexual affair, too.” Sachen, of course, replied, “If you were married to Kate Jackson, you’d already be in a homosexual relationship.” Duh. Anyway, Kate Jackson’s voice gets on my nerves. The doctor (who is played by some guy with dark curly hair) just told Kate Jackson that he has been having an affair with a man. Their ensuing conversation reminded me so much of Hillary and Collin’s conversation following her confession about Ava that I almost wondered if I had somehow seen this movie before. I do, however, think I would’ve remembered a movie where Harry Hamlin is gay. (Sometimes I feel lonely in my fondness for Harry Hamlin. Nobody else really gets it. Perhaps Lisa Rinna gets it. There we are, Lisa and me, on the front lines, loving Harry Hamlin no matter what anyone else thinks.)
By the way, this is not a very good movie.