Michael shot Kate Howard and other reasons today was not a good day

  • I have the cold/flu thing that everyone else on the planet has already had. I fell some time between Friday afternoon and Saturday morning, and I finally admitted defeat yesterday. The twenty-four hours following my surrender were miserable. The one bright spot came in the middle of the night when my mucus and phlegm-induced delirium caused me to wonder for too long if maybe I could have the exact same disease strain that Emily Saliers had. It is probably more likely that I have the version my mom has, since my mom and I have actually met face-to-face. I hear that germs don’t spread too easily through mp3s that were recorded between twenty and two years ago.
  • All the episodes of Hannah Montana that were on today were ones I had already seen. Can’t a girl catch a break?
  • Yesterday (or was it Saturday?) we watched a movie called I Could Never Be Your Woman in which Michelle Pfeiffer is old and losing her hotness. I found the premise lacking in believability. Hmm, I guess this one technically isn’t about today…
  • Oh, and Michael shot Kate Howard! That little…can I call a 12-year-old a bastard? I don’t want to hear that it was an accident. I am not ready to talk about it.