Month of Firsts

I decided, with that blend of planning and happenstance that fate loves so much, that July would be my month of firsts. We had already planned a trip to Canada and I just added some other things to make it a theme.

photo 1

First, I got a pedicure. I had never done that before, and I’m not sure if I will ever do it again. It wasn’t a thoroughly negative experience, but it was slightly physically and mentally uncomfortable. It turns out that my feet flinch involuntarily when someone touches them. That made for an interesting half an hour. On top of that embarrassment, I felt really weird paying someone to clean and massage my feet. They’re lovely feet; I’m not worried about that. This is a service I could definitely do myself, but so are many of the things I gladly pay for. There was something extra caste-system about the pedicure scenario, though. I never felt so white as when an Asian woman was painting my toenails.

That didn’t stop me from being super pleased with the end result.

Next was the aforementioned trip to Canada. We went to a cottage on Lake Erie that we found on AirBnB. I had never been to Canada before, and the quiet coastal towns, the picturesque farming landscape, and the as-friendly-as-advertised locals made it a perfect long weekend.

photo 2

Finally, on Tuesday, I got my first tattoo. It’s a quote from Animal Dreams by Barbara Kingsolver novel. My sister got one, too, so now I guess we’re stuck with each other.



So far, I love it. The whole thing only took about nine minutes, and even though it definitely hurt, I didn’t have much time to process the pain before it was all over.

This weekend, we’ll be in Texas visiting my aunt. It isn’t my first time in Texas, but it is Andy’s so that kind of counts.