More Feelings

There is a scene in the second episode of the first season of The L Word in which Shane confronts her stalker, Lacey, and in an attempt to convey her empathy, she says to Lacey, “You have a lot of feelings.”

For a long time, I have daydreamed about having a podcast about General Hospital. This notion must remain a daydream since such a task is not practical for my lifestyle (i.e. laziness) or my talents (i.e. not talking through my thoughts). Surely you all remember the last time I had a podcast? It was messy, to say the least. Because I have the sort of arrogance that comes from a deadly combination of using a computer proficiently, listening to well-produced audio, and having no idea what audio editing even looks like, I feel like I could sufficiently edit a mediocre podcast given enough time and patience. I labor under the misapprehension that patience is the most important thing in audio and video editing.

Even if I were some kind of editing savant, I know I am not a hosting savant. When I open my mouth and try to explain something—anything, but especially my thoughts and reactions to politics and popular culture—a faltering mess comes out. Just ask my students. I am much more comfortable writing out my thoughts, and I think they are better-received that way. I am aware, though, that there is value in podcasts and for whatever reason, I still daydream about having a GH podcast.

This daydream was re-energized last week when General Hospital tweeted (yes, I follow the show on Twitter) this:

And all I could think was, “I have a lot of feelings.”

I mean, this is a terrible idea, right? But its terribleness is multi-faceted. Hence, the “a lot” part of “I have a lot of feelings.”

Most of my feelings are about history.

On the one hand, I appreciate the push to reinvigorate the cast with faces of yore. I have heard that both Frisco and Felicia are returning, and this turn in the Anna-getting-over-Robin’s-death storyline would keep Luke and Anna on screen. That aspect I support.

On the other hand, this twist would kind of trample on history. Robert and Anna were a super couple, and Robert and Luke’s friendship is legendary. That kind of history can’t be tread upon lightly. Even on soap operas, certain things are untouchable.

Aside from the history, I just don’t feel Luke and Anna as a couple. I like their friendship chemistry, and we all know how I like to champion friendship on the soaps. After all this time, don’t you think Luke and Anna would have already done it if they wanted to? I mean, despite my reverence for their respective relationships with Robert, neither of these characters has a reputation for not doing what they want in order to spare anyone’s feelings. I hope the tweet was intended just to rile up the Twitterverse. I don’t exactly feel riled, but I am definitely on alert.