Ohio is so not worth $10.25

Well, Ohio took up a little more than half of our trip and then had the gall to charge us $10.25 for traveling across its boring width. Seriously, Ohio, get interesting or get out.

Pennsylvania, however, was lovely. We traveled the Pennsylvania Turnpike, which made us think of Billy Joel, even though we were listening to the Indigo Girls pretty hardcore. There were hills that Bethany insisted were mountains, and we even drove through one in a tunnel. My excitement and Bethany’s trepidation prove that we both need to get out more.

What I have seen of Maryland so far seems lovely as well. I can’t get over how easy it was to get here. We just got in the car this morning, turned on the GPS, and nine and a half hours later, there was Liz. There was barely any traffic and no inclement weather. The whole thing was almost too easy.

We watched the Watershed DVD and then headed to bed because tomorrow is a big day. Now I’m sitting here on my sleeping bag trying to slow down my mind so that I can sleep. I joke but the truth is that I do not get out of Indiana enough. The 555 miles separating me from my home feel exhilarating. Of course I miss Andy and Sachen. They aren’t part of the problem, and our little West Central pocket of Fort Wayne feels very distinct from the Fort Wayne I grew up in.


There is a part in the “Galileo” video about living your entire life within twenty miles of where you were born. This idea terrifies me. I want very much to make it somewhere other than Fort Wayne. I know that wherever I go, I’ll still be me. I’ll still sit at home most of the time, with my laptop and my cat and my isolation. I won’t want to go out. Fort Wayne is hardly a mecca of art and culture but stuff goes on there. Most of the time, it goes on without me.

We’re moving next Saturday to this great place in this neighborhood we adore. Andy has a good job working with fun, smart, off-beat people. We’re happy living in Fort Wayne right now, but I wonder sometimes if we aren’t holding ourselves back. I wonder if I’ll turn thirty and suddenly be unable to stand Fort Wayne for one more second. I know myself well enough to understand that it will happen eventually and it will feel sudden. I just woke up one morning and couldn’t stand working at Marshall Field’s anymore. The problem now is that I want to be able to enjoy this fantastic new space without feeling like I should be living somewhere else, somewhere that isn’t within twenty miles of where I was born.

Enough of this introspective crap. I’m seeing the Indigo Girls tomorrow!