Tim and Faith

I still believe in Tim and Faith. I saw them on “Oprah” yesterday, and she and I both think it’s for real with these two. I don’t know why it matters to me whether or not Tim McGraw and Faith Hill stay in love, but it does. I’ve always liked famous people in a weird, […]

From this moment…

There will be no more posts about the depressing and emotional hobby that is IU basketball. I will keep on watching because I am loyal and also pathetic. (Thank you, Vanessa Marcil for exploiting my loyalty and turning it into something pathetic.) The game will still matter to me, but I will limit its significance […]

More “Despair”

Here’s more of the story. Sorry about the awkward format. I’m working on figuring out how to translate it better. But he didn’t go home. Instead, he went to his store. He owned a postal annex on the corner of West State and Wells. He opened the door with his key and disabled the alarm […]

Tony and Eva

Eva Longoria’s boyfiend, NBA star Tony Parker, is 23. He was born in 1982. He is almost an entire year younger than I am and he’s 7 years younger than Eva. He was still in high school when she played the Brenda lookalike on GH and subsequently entered my life. Maybe his age is startling […]