21 Grams

Tonight I watched a movie about three of the most miserable people on Earth. It’s called “21 Grams,” and it gets it title from the notion that a person loses 21 grams of body weight at the moment of death. Dreary, isn’t it? That idea is probably the most uplifting aspect of the film. I […]

Indiana 60, Iowa 73

This morning, I heard on the radio that Jan. 24 is supposed to be the most depressing day of the year. I looked at the gray sky, at my moist windshield, and at the trees bent over as they succumbed to the forceful wind. I thought about the fact that it was 9:45 am and […]

Barely Poetry

Inspired by Katie Casey’s bravery in poetry, I “penned” this semi-autobiographical poem during class last night. It’s called “Is she a writer or is she lazy?” She uses it as an excuse, says “I’m a writer” when she oversleeps for a 4:30 class and when she forgets to do the laundry and he has to […]


CBS is developing a soap opera that you can watch on your cell phone. There’s an article about it in the Weekender. Apparently, its tentative title is “Hey, It’s Me.” Clever, huh?