Love this photo

I am more fond of this image than I am of most photographs of people I actually know who actually take good pictures. Why does the cigarette make such a fantastic prop? It is the ultimate accessory. I have imagined the photo sans cigarette and I don’t think it would have the same allure. What […]

It won’t write itself, will it?

I’ve been working on the novella, and I’ve been learning things from myself again. I realized that I’ve been unwittingly subscribing to the socially constructed heterosexual dynamic in which the power to determine the course of the relationship belongs to the man. If the woman wants something from the relationship, she tells her friends, her […]

John Spencer

(1946 – 2005) I am shocked. I really don’t know what to think about it. It’s a little like when John Ritter died. I kept thinking, “But I just saw him on Sunday and everything was fine.”

This is pretty

I like Blogspot because the templates are prettier than the ones at Livejournal. Plus, Andy’s blog is here, and this way our blogs can be near each other. The Internet can get lonely, you know. I am thinking about posting this novella I’ve been working on, in parts, of course. First, I want to see […]