Growin’ up is hard to do

I’m thirty-one years old and I don’t think I’ve outgrown my Barbies. I’m pretty sure if I had them here at my house, I’d set up a house for Sabrina under the desk in my office. I’d park her aqua-colored ’57 Chevy next to it. She’d leave her clothes all over the floor and her […]

On motherhood

Sebastian continues to be an exemplary pet. He stands out on the basis of looks alone (and I think he knows it). I’m worried that I’m not qualified to be his mother, though. One night a few months ago, in the dead of winter, Sebastian was having a rough night, crying at his bedroom door […]

I’m 50!

I was unprepared for the fervor surrounding General Hospital‘s 50th anniversary this week. Well, that’s a lie. What I mean is that I was unprepared for the show’s enthusiasm to match my own. I didn’t expect a 20/20 special. I didn’t expect the return of the Nurses’ Ball. I didn’t expect Lucy Coe. And even […]

Text “vote” to 3403

I find myself faced with twin sources of nostalgia. We moved a couple weeks ago, and moving always brings up a lot of nostalgia. I had plastic bins full of my past just taking up space in the basement. These artifacts from high school evoked the requisite memories, and I was suddenly face-to-face with that […]