Some folks like to get away…

Let me get one thing straight (as if I could get anything straight). I like small cars—small planes, not so much. Our flight from Fort Wayne to Cleveland was an 18-passenger propeller plane. It was…cozy.

It’s a good thing we like each other because our hotel room was also cozy.

Andy brought five pairs of socks. Apparently, his feet wanted to stay longer, but we went ahead and brought them home with us.

We ate dinner at a sidewalk table in Little Italy and had cannoli for dessert. Then we walked around Mulberry Street I can’t decide if it was a Dr. Suess moment or a Billy Joel moment. I suppose it had multiple possibilities, just like everything else we saw in New York.

We went to Central Park and it was large. We saw the Dakota, where John Lennon got shot. I expected there to be some kind of plaque or something in the street, but there was no visible mention of the event. I stood there on the sidewalk trying to picture it and I couldn’t.

Andy and I got matching I Heart NY t-shirts, but someone didn’t want to match at La Guardia this morning. Guess who that was? I’ll give you a hint. I am sitting at the gate wearing my purple I Heart NY shirt. His is orange so it isn’t as if we would’ve matched exactly, anyway.

I ate falafel yesterday and it was awesome.

We rode the subway and no one fondled us or urinated on us. And we didn’t accidentally go to Coney Island, either.

In Greenwich Village, we went to NYU. I think. Well, we saw part of it, at least. It seems to stretch all over the city. We never found the art school, but we did stumble across this private, quiet French-inspired brick street which was really neat.

We ate lunch yesterday at this place in the East Village that only serves mac and cheese. It’s called S’Mac, and well, it’s interesting.

I didn’t see Billy Joel. Or Tina Fey. Or anyone famous. Once I thought I saw John Mayer, but then he started talking. He was Russian, I think. So unless John Mayer was seriously putting me on, I didn’t see anyone famous. Maybe I shouldn’t give up just yet. I mean, I’ll be in New York for an hour longer. Maybe all the famous people are waiting for me at La Guardia. I’m at Gate A3, Bill. Come and find me…