The Marks of Season 5

While I continue to ponder and process what I suspect was kind of a disappointing season, here are the things I am taking away from Season 5 of The L Word:

– For whatever reason, I started referring to the show just as The Word this season. I think it gives it a decidedly religious feeling. It is on on Sundays, after all.

-I have a permanently exaggerated way of saying “salubrious,” thanks to Shane.

-My sister’s boyfriend has the unfortunate luck of having his first name and his last name start with the same letter so I am now officially referring to the couple as “Double G and his lover Bethany.” All they need now is a black-and-white, almost-nude photograph to hang above their mantle.

-This Photoshop-enhanced screencap that I stole from Scribegrrl’s recap of episode 509. It tells the whole story, doesn’t it?


-I will never be able to flip someone off the normal way again. Now, it’s both middle fingers or nothing at all. “I’ve got two of these for you.”

-Elizabeth Keener takes awesome to a new level. Last season was all about “who is Rose Rollins and where has she been all my life?” This season, I had that same reaction to Elizabeth Keener.

-I can now sign “lesbian” in two different ways. I also learned “thoughtful.” If I combine these new words with the one(s) I learned last season, I am able to have a conversation with a thoughtful, persecuted lesbian. Thanks, Double G, for pointing that out.