Things that make me smile

Because I went to bed so happy last night, I’ve decided that today I’ll only think about things that make me happy and we’ll see what happens. I am wearing my favorite underwear and tonight I’m having my very first L Word workshop (unless you count that time last summer when Bethany, Ashley, and I laid on the sofa bed and ate HoHos and watched The L Word) so it should be pretty easy.

Yesterday, Aunt B. began a post with “I went back to the therapist and got my hair cut,” which is funny because I think of getting my hair cut as therapy. It’s also interesting because I, too, got all my hair chopped off yesterday. Sometimes I wonder what would happen to my marriage if Aunt B. and I knew each other. I jest.

One day last week, I took a break from watching Bette and Tina videos on YouTube and searched for Ned and Alexis videos. I found some. Lord, did I find some. There aren’t just montages set to music; there are entire episodes of GH spliced so that it’s only the Nexis scenes. So awesome. Made me nostalgic. Did not turn out to be an effective break from all the Bette and Tina nostalgia. Hehe, I just looked up “nostalgia” in the dictionary to make sure I was spelling it correctly and the definition is “a yearning to return to the past.” Yep, that about sums it up.

Martina McBride’s new album came out yesterday. I think I will drag Yvonne to Wal-Mart before her indoctrination so I can buy it. Love me some Martina.

I wonder if Sachen is cleaning the apartment while I’m at work…